Rug Hooking Accessories
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Impressions Folding Cutter Stand
Have you ever gone to a hook-in or rug hooking class or school and had to jockey for a place to clamp your cutter?

We have heard you and now

Price: $80.00            ADD TO CART

  • Designed to accommodate all the clamp on type cutters i.e. Fraser, Townsend, Bolivar, Rigby etc.
  • Firm solid, stable base which will easily set up anywhere, no more worrying about finding a place to clamp your cutter
  • Legs fold down to allow it to slip easily into a tote bag with your hooking supplies

Great for hookers on the go!

Full Spectrum Daylight Lamps

Desk Lamp $195.00 ADD TO CART
Floor Lamp $270.00 ADD TO CART
Clamp on Lamp $195.00 ADD TO CART
Clamp on Lamp with Magnifier $220.00 ADD TO CART
Desk Lamp with Magnifier $220.00 ADD TO CART
Floor Lamp with Magnifier $295.00 ADD TO CART

From the makers of Vitalux - the only man-made general-purpose fluorescent lamp that simulates natural outdoor light - comes the Duro-Test Ergonomic Lamp.
Now, with the Duro-Test Ergonomic Lamp you can enjoy the wonderful benefits of natural outdoor light. The adjustable gooseneck design lets you put the light exactly where you need it.
These lamps are now available with a built in magnifier for close task work.
With its sunlight-simuliting Vitalux Compact Fluorescent light source, this lamp:

  • Improves Seeability and Visual Comfort

  • Reduces Eyestrain

  • Produces 28% Less Glare Than Conventional Compact Fluorescents

  • Provides Near-Perfect Colour Rendition

  • Features on 27w Vitalux Compact Fluorescent or one 18w Vitalux Circline

And there's more!

With the Vitalux Compact Fluorescent, you get 120 watts of light fro just 27 watts - a savings of 75% in lighting energy costs over a 120-watt incandescent bulb. You also get 10,000 user hours of maintenance-free illumination - or 10-13 times the life of standard incandescents.
The Duro-Test Ergonomic Lamp is covered by our One-Year-Free-Replacement Warranty. However, the Vitalux Compact Fluorescent will last up to 5 years in normal use.
(approx 10,000 hours)

6" double curved or bent Gingher scissors
for rug hooking, embroidery or other needle arts.

Gingher embroidery - rug hooking scissors.jpg (82958 bytes)

Gingher scissors and shears, are manufactured to exacting standards and each pair is carefully inspected in order to maintain the highest level of quality, these high quality forged scissors and shears are still made as they were centuries ago.

Price: $48.00            ADD TO CART

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